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Window Shutters

It has been said that windows are the eyes on the face of your home.  Eyes without eyebrows, eyelashes and makeup can look boring.  The same can be said of your windows, without shutters or other details your home does not look its best.  Shutters have been used on homes for hundreds of years for protection and looks.  Exterior shutters can be movable, allowing them to cover your windows in bad weather or fixed in place on the sides of your windows.  As homes have been built faster and cheaper  shutters are one of the details missing on many homes today.

composite board and batten shutter

With shutters there are many design options and come in several types of material.  Traditionally shutters have been made with wood and can be painted to accent your homes color or stained to add richness and warmth.   Wood shutters can be made to fit any sized window and have the largest design possibilities of any shutter material.  The disadvantage of wood shutters is that they will need to be repainted or stained to keep them looking good.  They are very durable and will hold up to the most severe weather.  Vinyl  has been a popular alternative to wood over the last few decades.  They are the most affordable shutters and will not require maintenance.  They come in many colors or can be painted.  They have any styles and sizes available.  The downside  of Vinyl is that it does not match the look of wood and does not hold up as well to strong winds and will fade over time.  A new type of shutters is becoming popular that is made with composites or fiberglass.  They can mimic the look of wood and are durable and do not require maintenance.  The price is more than vinyl and comparable to wood.  Sizes and shapes of composites will be more limited than wood shutters.  For the utmost durability and carefree use you can not beat composite shutters.

raised panel shutter
Raised panel exterior shutter

Whichever shutter you choose for your home it is important that they complement the style of your homes and are in the right proportion to your windows.  They also need to be mounted securely.  Exterior shutters designed and installed properly  will make a dramatic transformation to the street appeal of your home.  They will increase your home’s value and is a good way to personalize the exterior of your home.  An experienced carpenter can design and build you custom shutters or install ready made shutters.

Arched top wood shutter
Arched top wood shutter
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