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New Front Doors Styles for 2012

I have recently previewed the new entry doors for 2012 that the leading manufactures have created.  The big growth area for entry doors is in fiberglass construction.  Homeowners are really starting to understand and want the many advantages of fiberglass doors over wood or metal.  With the demand for fiberglass doors the manufactures are giving us more options and styles to choose from.  The advantage of fiberglass doors is their durability and the stunning looks that are available. Wood doors have always been the best looking doors and have had the most design options but they can be expensive and require maintenance.  Now fiberglass doors look just like wood doors are more durable and cost less.  The new styles available this year increase the appeal of the doors as they give you more wood grain options and more glass styles.  Fir has always been one of the most popular wood doors and now the fiberglass doors have the look and grain pattern of fir.  Mahogany is also a classic door style and there are new mahogany looking doors available. The demand for fiberglass front doors has increased the glass design options.  Decorative glass comes in many styles that are Fir grain door new and unique.  The new glass styles include a silkscreen look, contemporary design or a modern look with sleek lines.  Privacy glass has new styles that give you a custom look allow light in but give you privacy and security. With all the styles available it can be a daunting effort to pick the style that is right for you.  With this in mind, the leading manufactures have on their websites design tools.  The tools allow you to pick any of their doors and then pick from their selection of glass and shows you what it will look like in several colors.  You can even import a picture of your house and view your house with the new door in place. The leading door manufacturer that I recommend are Therma Tru and Masonite.  They both have what seems as an endless variety of doors and  offer a good value.  They will also make doors to fit your custom size opening.  For entry doors in fiberglass or metal I would start my search either one off them.  They are both available all over the country and have great warranties.
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