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Energy efficient exterior doors.

entry door

I recently met with a home owner that had a front door that was hollow inside. The door has been on the house for 50 years. I couldn’t help to think how much money had been lost over the years through heat loss. New exterior doors are much more energy efficient and stronger. In fact most new door are so efficient that you can receive an energy tax credit from the Federal Government.  With the tax credit and energy savings, you will pay for your new exterior door in a short time. Door technology has improved over the years and they look better than ever and are very, not to mention much harder to break into. The energy tax credit is set to end at the end of 2010, so home owners need to act soon. Another type of door that I see quite often in sliding glass doors. The older aluminum doors leak a lot of air and can be hard to open. Newer sliding doors are much more efficient and secure. New sliding doors can make a room much more comfortable and with the tax credit are very affordable.

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