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What is the best deck material

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When it comes to building a deck there is a wide choice of materials to build it with. You can pick from wood or composite materials. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. If the lowest initial price is the most important factor then a wood deck would be your choice. If overall durability and low maintenance is important than a composite material would be the best choice.

Woods decks can be built with several types of wood. The lowest cost would be fir or pine. They require a sealer or paint to keep them from rotting The next step up in price would be pressure treated lumber. It typically is made of fir in the west and southern pine in the east. It is treated with a preservative that allows it to withstand rotting. Treated lumber can be very durable and is the best choice for the structural part of the deck, such as posts and floor joists. A better looking wood choice is redwood or cedar. Redwood and cedar have natural preservative in the wood allowing them to hold up to the elements better than other woods. They cost more and are a softer wood so they can show signs of wear over time. They generally make the best looking deck and can last a long time if you keep a good sealer or stain on them. The choice between them comes down to availability in your area and which one you like the look and feel of.

Composite decking has become very popular and there are several brands with many styles and colors available. They cost more than wood decks initially but over time their durability and lack of maintenance make them a good value. Composite decking can be made to look like several species of wood and has many styles of handrails available. Many people are familiar with some of the biggest suppliers such as Trex and TimberTech. One of the latest features of composite decking is the ability to install them with hidden fasteners meaning you do not see screw heads in the boards. Choosing the best composite for your deck comes down to what is available in your area and the color and style you like best.

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